Every project is initiated with a business need. Communicating your business need and receiving what you have actually asked for is challenging.

Sometimes, even the client does not know what they really need.  They have an idea that needs to be structured and put on paper.  Our business analysts identify business needs of clients and stakeholders, and help them determine the best solutions to their business problems.  At broadAngle, we use industry standards such as use case documents, use case diagrams, and wire frames to document customer requests.  Once these requests are documented, we review them with our client again.  It is much easier and more affordable to change requests at this stage, rather than making these changes once the requirements are coded.  Only baselined requirements documents are handed over to the software engineers.  The business analyst is a key facilitator in our organization, acting as a bridge between the client, stakeholders and the engineering team.

broadAngle provides superior business analysis services.  We eliminate surprises and guarantee that you will get what you really ask for.