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We are always looking for hard-working, smart, fun and innovative team members. If you want to make an impact on your career, please send us your resume at careers@broadangle.com.  Please include following information in your email:

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Company Culture

We work hard. We enjoy. We succeed.

In 2007, we started broadAngle with the aim of providing a nice work environment where everybody is happy to work.  Recruiting smart people comes with a challenge of keeping them intellectually busy all the time.  We try hard to find projects that improve our staff in every way.  We believe in constant improvement.  We look for projects where we can prove our expertise to our clients as well as educate and improve each team member.  We form our project teams with a mixture of experienced and un-experienced staff.  This way, un-experienced people get training on the job while experienced people learn how to coordinate team members.

We value hard work, but we also believe that people have lives.  That’s the reason we choose not to work on the weekends unless it is absolutely necessary. 

Our Vision is to be one of the best boutique software development companies in the world.

Our Mission is to let our customers concentrate on their own work while we satisfy their software development needs using our proven processes and expertise.

Our Values are respect, hard work, and our people.


Work Environment and Benefits

Our office is located in the heart of Izmir, close to shops and restaurants.  We have the luxury of starting our day with a wonderful view of Izmir Bay from our office.  We provide a comfortable work environment for our employees.  We believe people are much more productive when they are comfortable and happy.  We listen to our employees and do our best to satisfy their needs. 

We provide on-going career development through challenging projects, using latest technologies, mentoring from experienced team leads, and a wide variety of online courses.   

We value personal life, and rarely work on the weekends.

Every month, we provide a lunch card to our employees.  They can use this card at almost all of the near-by restaurants.

Additionally, we sponsor company events such as company sponsored lunches, dinner parties after successful project deliveries, movie nights, and more.  We believe social activities form stronger bonds between team members.


Internship Program

Every year, we contact career services of well-known schools in Izmir, Turkey to recruit interns for business analysis and software engineering positions.  We provide our interns an opportunity to work in real client projects with more experienced team members.  Our interns always receive mentoring from the team leaders and learn about software development processes from the experts.  Interns who succeed and fit well in our company culture are offered a position in our company once they graduate.  This is part of our growth strategy.